click for larger image  Chaqueqpampa!  One of the first bilingual schools, recently rebuilt after being torn down during the terrorist years.  Chaqueq is at 10,500 feet altitude.

click for larger imageWhat used to take three hours of bumpy road, followed by 6 hours of horseback up and down switch back trails, now can be done by car in just over two hours.

click for larger imageMama Zoila feeds us breakfast.  Dario is on the right.

click for larger imageDenise gets a lesson on carrying her wawa in a manta.

click for larger imageTalked into flying, we set up streamers in the LZ.

click for larger imageEnthusiastic to see hang-gliding, three guys take off up the hill with my glider and equipment, with Denise and I huffing and puffing behind.

click for larger imageLaunch and set up.  The gang.  We are about 6 or 700 feet over the LZ.

click for larger imageThe flight.  Short, sweet and probably in a rotor.  Nonetheless, observers are excited to see this happening at their town.

click for larger imageSchool was let out to watch the flight.

click for larger imageDario gets a taste of what it is like to control a hang-glider.

click for larger imageHealthy, warm, well-dressed Quechua kids who read their own language with pride.  What a contrast to 30 years ago!